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If You can Get Three , Join Me
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If You can Get Three, Join Me

 This just in

This is very hush hush.
It is in pre pre launch until 3.00 pm today

It cost 20 bucks one time to get in.

One of my favorite people on the net, Steve
Hoffman, is releasing it on March 1 but he
has given me permission to get you in early.

It comes with 50,000 Sokens at Sokule when
you upgrade and you will see how to collect
in the members area. That is a value of over
60 bucks- three times what you will pay to
get into this new program early.

You can read about it below and please follow
the instrucitons in the email below.

Jane Mark
JPE Advertising
Sokule, Inc

Early Bird Gets the Dough

On Thursday at 3pm eastern time
a New Pre-Launch will begin.

If you join now keep in mind the entire site
design will change before Steve open the doors
on Thursday.

Each new member can bring in
their first 5 before launch day
on March 1st 2010

This amazing new system is a 2up
system designed to build you a viral
income stream that never stops.

I like that
Non Stop income
I was in from minute 1
I already have my dough back 4 times over in
my alertpay account.
That's pure magic.

You have all joined Matrix sites before
with little or no income right! That's because
it is just too much work to get the kind of people
needed to make the good money.

These systems are different

1st You only need 3 people to turn this
into a viral income stream

2nd It's Only a One Time Payment

3rd Payments are instant to your Alertpay account


How it works

you join
you refer 3 people
your first 2 referrals go to your sponsor
your 3rd referral is where the magic starts
this person pays you direct to your alertpay account
then they start to refer
their first 2 referrals go to you
those 2 pay you directly then they also send
you 4 more people total that pay you
those 4 then send you 8 more that pay you
then 16 and 32 and and 64 and so on and so on.

All this from just your 3rd referral

Imagine if you had 5, 10, 20, referrals all sending

you more and more

Now you don't have to imagine. I am testing it
now and it works.

Join Today  be sure to look on the members office

for your 50,000 SOKENS BONUS 


go get um


Jane Mark
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