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I posted my question to caapsorg again

In the case that my comment and question to caapsorg gets deleted a third time  from this site http://www.delcotimes.com/articles/2010/01/11/news/doc4b4a979e6e233287137535.txt#blogcomments

I posted it here, so that everyone can see what I'm speaking about if it should get deleted again.   The reason I mentioned the article and the comments are newsworthy and feature the link to it on my postit page is beacuse it is newsworthy..and particularirly newsworthy to advocates against crime. It's worthy of being shared all over the world. 

carrie wrote on Feb 15, 2010 10:53 PM:

" A second time tonight, my comment and question to caapsorg and caapsorg@gmail.com has been deleted. I came back hoping to see an answer. I guess I'll have to ask again : Does your organization, dad, also help crime victims like me; or does it only help criminals and ex-criminals? Does it help people that have been wrongfully convicted?

I feel that this is a legitimate question , and everyone in the public has a right to know.

I also have freedom of speech. Now, I hope that my brother will soon be seeing to it that I receive the money from the estate that-by law-since 2004 he should have been administering to me.
Can I get help with that from your organization?
There have been numerous murder attempts on my life, and I'm learning that I have been getting stalked, secretly videotaped, photographed, and tape recorded for years.
Also, there may be forgery, there's the alleged mail fraud, and identity theft of my identity, character assaination, and I think I have a lawsuit, btw, against a payment processing company and a few others. There has even allegedly been cyberstalking done to me, invasion of privacy, and a possible life insurance policy on me, physical assault, et. etc., besides the things I have mentioned in the firat two comments that were deleted from here.

Does your organization have private investigators? I looked at your web site when I came across it for the first time about a day or two ago. It states that you help ALL people and offer free legal services.

Can we also do something about getting me a "copy of the deed to the house" I supposedly own that the Wildwood post office keeps telling me about? Can we do something about the alleged illegal giving of a PA address on me? Can we find my stalker(s)? and bring everything to justice? How about doing something about the slander, and possibly libel pertaining to that I supposedly have "mental problems" and "took a couple of million dollars and ran away with some man", and that I am supposedly a "whore" who has "secret weekend [f-word depletive] rendevous with men for money" and secretly have sex with men for money, etc. etc.

My human and civil rights are being violated..my right to live is being violated. Can you help me? There have been numerous crimes committed against me. "
In the first two comments that got deleted I also asked if we can do something about the  alleged attempted arson on me, the false criminal charges filed against me, and the wrongful eviction that happened in July 2009. I also mentioned that I hoped the image of the girl with the stretchmarks on her stomach (mentioned by caapsorg in a comment) that my brother had was not an image of me. (I have been finding out that I have been getting secretly videotaped, photographed, and tape recorded for years- not just in 2009)
To Your Success,
Carol M. Marchetti
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