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Dancing in the aisles...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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Dancing in the aisles...Jane's Sunday Sermon


What do you get when you take a very talented
singer/songwriter and mix it up with a super
creative Social Media Site?

You get a Sokule Theme song coming to a
theater near you soon.

Phil and I just had the pleasure of listening
to a hot off the press Sokule theme song
written by one of the best in the busines.

We can't reveal it to you just yet as
all the legal mumbo jumbo stuff has to
be put together but I guarantee you this

We'll have your feet stomping
We'lll have your hand clapping
We'll have your ring tones ringing

We'll have you dancing in the aisles soon.

The New Sokule Theme Song is really really Kule....

If you are not a member of Sokule, better
get where all the Kule people hang out


And speaking of Kule....

Take some time to make some Kule things
happen for you today

If you want more trackers at Sokule and
more followers at Twitter at the same
time, make sure you tap your way over to
Kule Track where the action is goes from
morning to night to help you build two
lists fast


Put your hands together for a super new
social media site that is just about to
launch where you can hook up with the
Sokule group and get all of your questions
answered about Sokule in a blink of an

Put on your dancing shoes and slide on
over to swom and join the Sokule group


We'll have you dancing in the aisles soon
and I guarantee you a good time will be
had by all.

Go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc


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