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Making money as a blogger

Most have entered into the field of blogging with the view of expressing their opinions to the world, but after entering, many realize the plethora of opportunities for making money as a blogger. Unlike websites, a blog features regularly updated content that often airs the view of the blogger.

The growth in several blogging platforms has led to the infusion of multimedia content into the blogs as well. Bloggers can also connect with their readers by offering them the ability to comment on the posts.

Making money as a blogger

Not many realize at first that making money as a blogger is not that difficult. Of course, the amount of income provided by the blog is more or less directly proportional to the traffic received by the blog. Making money as a blogger may act as a way to subsidise or provide extra income, while there are also bloggers who make a full-time living as well. There are several ways of making money as a blogger. One of the foremost aspects is advertising, which is usually offered in the form of advertising spaces.

Advertising – way of making money as a blogger

Advertising is one of the key ways to making money as a blogger. It can either be done through directly contacting the advertisers or by signing up for several programs like Google AdSense. The former is extremely tough in the case of new blogs. Even when the popularity of the blog increases substantially, finding advertisers make the difficult depending upon the niche of the blog.

Signing for programs like the Google AdSense ensures that you do not have to worry about finding the advertisers. However, revenue from such programs is likely to be lower than what you can expect from direct advertising. Both forms of advertising require you to locate a certain amount of space on the blog, while the price of the spot varies with the location and size.

CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impressions) are the two major types of advertising models.

Making money as a blogger through affiliate marketing

A blogger can team up with several affiliate programs like the Amazon affiliate program in order to earn revenue. This primarily involves selling the affiliate products, which provides revenue on a commission basis. Usually, this commission is performance related and one can earn more by selling more items.
One of the key necessities in order to start making money as a blogger is traffic. A blog receiving more number of visitors is going to make substantially more income than a blog without a lot of traffic. This income comes in the form of advertising revenue, affiliate revenue, and sponsored blog post revenues. Providing fresh content is one of the ways of getting more traffic through search engines.

making money as a bloggerAside from being just a passion, it is definitely possible for someone to be making money as a blogger.

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