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This Non-IM Product Pays Me An Average Of $125 Per Day Lately!
There is a new service where you get paid
for pointing out your favorite videos from
sites like YouTube... or any site that allows
you to embed their code in your pages.

The way it works is that you sign up for
an account here:

In the back office of your account you
enter your Google AdSense ID.  Then you
build as many pages on the site as you
want to.  You build these pages by copying
and pasting the embed code for your favorite

Then, you share your favorite videos by
pointing people to YOUR pages instead of
to YouTube or the other videos sharing site.

When someone watches a video, Google AdWords
are displayed, and when someone clicks on
an ad, you earn 100% of the AdSense revenue.

There is a nominal fee to set up an account.
Your hosted pages also have links and/or
banners inviting others to make money by
sharing videos.  When they click the link on
one of YOUR pages and sign up, you earn 50%
of the fee that they pay.

I've average $125 per day from the first day
that I started promoting this.

I promote by posting to Twitter, FaceBook,
Sokule, and my blog. I've also mentioned the
service in one article that I've written and
one editorial in my ezine.

Now that I see how easy this is, I will be
promoting harder, maybe pushing my earnings
up to as much as $500 per day. It's just a
matter of doing more of what's already proving
to work!

This is something that even your kids, or
other family members can probably do. I
think that it's the perfect way to allow them
to earn a little (or a lot) of extra pocket

Go sign up now at:



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