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My Story
2-8-2013E by Walter Paul Bebirian
2-8-2013E by Walter Paul Bebirian

Ahhh – the story – well I am an artist – and how many times does the story of Van Gogh get told to so many artist to make them believe that they may perhaps be lucky if they get to sell one painting in their lifetimes only later to look back at earth from their spiritual existence after death and find that – well finally the world of high end art collectors has now not only finally valued what they have created but this world of art has jettisoned their creation’s prices way out into the stratosphere of astronomical prices very often way beyond the comprehension of so many everyday citizens understanding and still it is the truth that the value of these art works do not come close yet to what they finally will be worth – and so utilizing the tools and means of the different technologies that we have been given today I aim not ever to be an artist again (there was a time in my part life where I was always living on pennies) and to attempt to sell my work for some more of those pennies just to get enough in order to create my next art piece – but to take advantage of the tools of technology that I see that today’s world has given so many people and create as many images of art that I possibly can while I am alive and also to get paid a decent amount for any prints or canvases that people do order from my collection of art that has grown to over 175,000 in number till this point in time so far – and I know as well that I have just begun with what is inside of me to yet create –

I thank God – Spirit – the Energy inside of me – every moment that I am alive that I do not get distracted by anything in this world – from accomplishing this activity of expression which is inside of me – and which I have set out to accomplish!!!!



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