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Live to Be 100!
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If there are many things you see yourself accomplishing in this life, it is certainly comforting to know that you have many, many years left. Here are Dan Buettner’s habits to get you to 100 in style. 



There are many headlines that emphasize the bad news of the world. To counteract that, here is some great news: 90% of how long a person lives is determined by our lifestyle. Chances are still very low to make it to 100 – about 1 in 5000 people in North America. Explorer and National Geographic writer Dan Buettner decided to do research to see what makes certain people thrive. His research could lead us to live longer lives, free of chronic disease. Click here for his top four tips to add some years to your belt: 


Don’t exercise. Move naturally through your life, cooking from scratch, walking to the store and not limiting what you can do by how old you are. Don’t depend too much on convenience, and when you do exercise, make sure it is something you enjoy, like gardening or walking. You don’t want to wear out your body too much by strenuous work, but you also don’t want to sit too long. Find balance.


Have the right outlook. When you are accustomed to hurrying, this has an inflammatory response in the body which can trigger disease. Slow down. Understand who you are and what your purpose is to keep you on the healthy track. One of the most dangerous years of your life is the year that you retire.


Diet is important. Drink red wine in moderation – some of the oldest people in the world have that as a regular habit. Eat mostly plant based, real food and stop eating when you are 80% full. The Japanese call this “hara hachi bi” and it will prevent you from overeating. Once the food is on your plate, put the rest away.



One love, y’all. The people that you surround yourself with a on a daily basis make a big difference to your life. Surrounding yourself by the “right” people – those that you love that love you back and support you is what life is about. Spending much of your time with unhealthy or negative people will have a detrimental effect on your lifespan. We know we are what we eat, but we are also who we hang out with. Click here for more info



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