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Wonderful News: You CAN activate your website

Hey, yes it's Deborah Crayton here again...


I've got some fabulous news for 

you; however, you are going to have 
to move fast....



The launch of the "Blog Beast" starts

on Friday (Today) at 3pm  New York Time....


...and we want to make sure you've 
everything you need to earn a 
great income 
in the next 10 days.


Here's what you need to do RIGHT
to run with us and get into 
position to earn 
100% commissions 
during this launch: 


STEP ONE -  Make sure you're 
on our Launch List. 
probably already are however, 
just in case, fill out the form on 
this site)


STEP TWO -  Lock in your affiliate 
  You can register to be an
affiliate by clicking here.  

Do that now.


STEP THREE -  You'll have instant 
access to your personalized affiliate
....social media resources....video 
email swipe copy...


...and ALL the tools you need to start 
earning 100% commissions during this 
launch. :-)


The clock is ticking


The first launch video (which is really 
will be unleashed in just a few  
hours, at 3pm EST so get registered right 

now so you can take advantage of the timing. 


(Follow the 3 Steps above and you'll 
be on our yellow brick road

See you on the "inside"



~ Deborah Crayton 



P.S: This really is the last chance 
become an affiliate before the 
launch video goes live.

I don't make a dime or cent by you

becoming an affiliate as the money 

goes direct to Empower.

I just want you to get in the GAME 
and play with us.

So, don't dilly dally around about this.

Don't procrastinate.



You're in the right place at the right 


Let's be part of HIS and HERstory 


Important Legal Information Regarding 

This Email


Obviously, the income examples shown 

are extraordinary.


The income claims presented are not 

intended to serve as aguarantee of 

income. Instead, they're designed 

to give you an idea of what's possible. 


Success in this business - as with

anything, requires leadership, hard 

work and dedication.


Since we want to help you make an 

informed decision, we've gone above 

and beyond with our income disclosure 



You can see our full income disclosure 

document here:-



Also, if you end up buying anything from 

these emails someone will most likely earn 

a commission, which you probably know because 

you understand business. However, we like 

our subscribers to be fully informed when 

using our products. 


We appreciate your business and support.



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