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WebFire Software Boost Your Traffic?


When I bought Affiliate Overthrow one of the advisable interchange sources was a software titled WebFire. I bought it and although Affiliate Overthrow turned out to be no groovy, WebFire does examine equivalent an interesting tools. I individual since received about a meg marketing emails promoting this interchange software, so let's cover a countenance at it. I leave pass you finished as I use WebFire to boost my bestsitereview.com position.






  • 22 different tools within the web based software with more being added

  • New guest post feature is a great idea to get quality back links

  • Covers many aspects of Internet Marketing in one place

  • Easy to follow instructional videos help make things a bit clearer

  • Frequent training webinars for members.

  • Promotes getting quality backlinks over spammy ones that won’t last






  • A bit complicated and overwhelming when you first log in

  • If you pay monthly over the course of a year costs: $1188!

  • You will need to put quite a bit of time in to get results




Sales Page




You can see the WebFire sales writer by clicking here.


The big necessitate prefab in the sales emails and videos is that Webfire gets free danger to your site from page 1 of Google in 7 minute or inferior.  In the income video they show you just what they show by this and take you the software in activity. The sale page was better than most of the hyped up sales pages that I am so victimized to. It shows you exactly what the quantity does and what you can wait from WebFire.




They are not claiming that the software testament advance your computer up the SERPS in 7 minutes, but rather by placing your statement on high interchange blogs and forums that are already on page 1 you can gain exposure for your site. This makes signification, but I wonder whether we real need a software to do this or could do it as easily manually.


The opposite target I likeable the income page is that there aren't any one moment offers or confused bonuses. When you click the page to leave, you don't get offered a alter damage. What you see if what you get. That is a scarcity in income pages these days and quite refreshing.




So what exactly is WebFire?


WebFire is a web supported software, which consists of 22 different apps to help you manage the SEO of your website and help you get much traffic. The WebFire team promise to record updating and adding new traffic apps. They also provide training videos for each app, which are accommodative and helped me to interpret how I could get interchange, even without using WebFire.






WebFire is not cheap. You can pay monthly, every 6 months or yearly and the more you pay for at once the cheaper it works out.


Monthly Price = $99


6 Months = $299


Annual = $499


As you can see it is cheaper overall to buy the annual license, but that was not an option for me. I could just about stretch to the $99 for a monthly membership. If it works it won’t be too bad, as with lots of traffic it is possible to make money, but if I find that I can have the same success without using the software I will cancel my membership.




Member’s Area





The first thing that struck me was how much there was going on in the member’s area (see left sidebar of screen shot). It was a bit overwhelming.




There are so many different tools and videos that it would be impossible to cover every one of them in this article. Instead I will show you the multi-tool, which utilises the main tools within Web Fire in one area.




Multi- Tool Walk Through


I click on the multi-tool button and am shown a pop up, where I can choose if I need help choosing a domain or whether I have an existing website I would like to promote. I have an existing website, so I click “Yes I do already have a website and I want to start generating more traffic to it”




Site Analysis


The multi-tool then asks me if I have run a site analysis. I click “Yes I would like to analyse my site”


I am taken to the site analysis tool where I enter a keyword I am trying to rank for along with my URL. It takes a few seconds to collect data and then I can click to show the report.





This is a very handy tool, but with there are free websites that you can check your backlinks on and you can use a plugin such as All in One SEO to ensure your site is optimised. I do like the ease of use of this app. I was able to see that I had some serious competition for the keyword and that I would have to up my game. I added alt tags to my pictures and was able to see exactly what to do to enhance my SEO.


After analyzing my site I clicked on the multi-tool wizard to take me to the next step.  I click “Yes, I am ready to build backlinks for my site.” I am taken to an article spinner.




Article Spinner


Here I need to enter a title, keywords and a minimum of a 500 word article ready for spinning. I use a pelvic floor toner article that I prepared earlier.


I then clicked on ‘save and spin article.’





This is a thorough way of spinning an article and will make sure that the article makes sense at the end of spinning, unlike most totally automated spinners, but it is also very time consuming. I got a bit bored going through the process. There is a status bar at the top of the page to show you how well spun your article is and the software will not save the article until it is spun well enough. There is also the option to pay Web Fire to create and spin an article for you, but I am afraid I didn’t have the money for this.


After spinning my article to ‘excellent’ I clicked on ‘save article and variations’. I clicked ‘Yes I am ready to submit my article to the web’.




I was taken to the article submitter.




Article Submitter.




Before you can submit the article you need to configure settings. This means choosing an author name and email and setting up accounts with Ezinearticles, Go Articles and Articlebase. Luckily I already had accounts with these article directories, but if you don’t they only take a moment to set up. Again I feel like the software is great at guiding me through the process, but is not really saving me much time at this point. I click to submit the article and it  takes a minute or so to submit to each site:






All I had to do was to enter a captcha and the article was submitted. It failed at Go Articles though and I told it was because I used my keyword too much, but it was easy to make changes to the article and resubmit it.


Clicking on the multi tool I clicked ‘Yes I am ready to make a video advertisement’. I was excited about this bit, as I have not done much with videos in the past.




Video Manager




I have never really been very confident creating videos, but I know they are great traffic getters. This app gives me the option of creating my own video and just using the video submitter, recording my voice or creating a text to speech video, which sounds pretty good, so I decided to give this a try. I imagine recording my own voice would be a good option in the future,  but I like the idea of text to speech for my first go.




To create a video I needed to enter a title, keywords and description. I could then choose what content to use or choose my previously spun article. I then chose a pink background and black text and the resolution I wanted.


I clicked Create Video. At first there was an error because I had too many characters in my title, keywords and description. I think it would be handy if there was a counter to show how many characters I had used.




I decided I didn’t like my background and clicked the back to editing button. I changed the background, but when I clicked create video everything disappeared and I had to start again – so annoying.





I can choose between a male or female voice and due to the nature of the product I choose female.


I am emailed a download link of my new video.




Here is a link to the uploaded video:


Get Started Now >> Click Here




As you can see it is pretty basic, but bear in mind I could have made it a lot better by spending a little time on it.


The video is now created and I can add my log in credentials for Youtube, Blip TV and Daily Motion. I kind of wish there was an automated account creation, but I guess that is just laziness on my part.




After I have entered the account details the video is ready for upload. I will check back later to see it’s process, but now onto the next part of the multi tool.




MacroLeads Fire Tool




The next tool is a search tool that looks for sites that are currently ranking at the top of the SERPs that I can leave a comment on with my link.




I enter my keyword and the tool finds 50 related keywords and brings back data on the sites I can post to. This takes a few minutes.




The tool returns a long list of sites that I can work through. This is one of the ways the Web Fire team claim I can get my site on page 1 of Google, by hitch hiking on the back of already popular sites. The problem is many of the sites returned I cannot add my link to. They  are either closed for comments or use social plugins where I would have to post with my Facebook profile.




I also think I could achieve similar results just by Googling my keyword and looking through the list of results to see where I can leave my link. The software doesn’t seem to save much time in this sense, although they are promoting solid ways to get more traffic.




OmniLeads Tool


This is the next part of the multi-tool where you can find blogs and forums to comment on. This tool will bring back all forums and blogs (not just those that are ranking high).




You can also choose whether you want to show sites from the last day, week or month and this is where it is possible to get your link on forums that are currently talking about your keyword.




This tool returned some very relevant forum threads that I could comment on. It is important not to spam these forums as you will only get your posts deleted.





Q & A Tool


The next tool finds potential leads from Q and A sites such as Yahoo Answers. These question sites are great places to answer relevant questions and then leave your link. Of course you could search the sites yourself quite easily.


The tool brought back a whole list of questions from Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers, which I could then go and answer with my link.




This was a handy tool as it was very easy to see all the questions I could answer in one place and leave a good answer along with my URL. There is a chance the links could be deleted, but it will be interesting to see whether they up my traffic.




This brought me to the end of the multi-tool.




There are also some useful press and media release tools included in Web Fire, which I have not put to use yet.


As you can see there is an awful lot to it, but it is time consuming and if you created a decent daily checklist for yourself you could probably do many of the things without the expensive software.






Web Fire does have a lot of potential to help you drive traffic to your money sites. Using the tool you will end up with quality backlinks and an increase in traffic. The only problem is you will have to set aside a fair bit of time to get it done and it is quite a lot of money when you still have to put so much time in.


There is a lot of training and webinars included, which are very useful and the member’s area is constantly being updated with new apps. For anyone who has some time to spare I would recommend this software, but for me it didn’t save much more time than doing it manually. I did feel I got some good ideas for link building and traffic driving though.




Want to Buy it?




If you would like to check out the sales page or buy WebFire I would really appreciate it if you do so through my link.




Get This Powerful SEO Tool Now >> Click Here




However, even if you  would rather not I would love to hear what you think about Web Fire. Has it helped you drive traffic to your site? Did you find it easy to use? I think it would help others if you could leave a comment to share your experience.



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