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Do YOU own any BITCOINS yet?

Do YOU own any BITCOINS yet?                  

Governments, Institutions, and People
WORLDWIDE own them.


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If you have never heard about Bitcoins...

It`s a very new "currency" that allows
people to profit without ANY fees of transfer,
or any freezing of funds.

Doesn`t require banks and is currently feared
by the established financial institutions to the
point of trying to ban it...

But the fun thing is... it`s impossible to ban or
prohibit because no one owns it!

The beauty of this is that you stay anonymous
and in nowadays world, flying under the radar
is important...

Checkout what Bitcoin is all about!

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Go get them,

Hubert Trotman
Trotman Financial Enterprises

P.S. Synopsis of an Update

CNN(tm) Update: China fuels Bitcoin surge to record high?

Bitcoin prices have soared in the past month, defying
skeptics who thought the bubble burst in April.

According to CNN(tm), Bitcoin has been surging to new highs
as investors, especially those in China, become increasingly
optimistic about the digital currency's potential growth!

The price of one bitcoin hit a record of a record of $430
on Saturday on the Mt. Gox exchange. The virtual currency
trades 24/7 on Mt. Gox and other exchanges around the world.
Bitcoin was approaching $400 again Tuesday, reaching a high
for the day of $391.53 in early morning trading.

So why is Bitcoin rallying again? The latest surge comes on
the heels of strong demand in China, said Nick Colas,
market strategist at ConvergEx Group, a global brokerage
company based in New York.

"The Chinese demand has been the big driver in the last
two weeks," he said.

Bitcoin was recently featured in favorable reports on China's
state-run CCTV television network and in government-backed
newspapers. It has also gained popularity since Baidu (BIDU),
China's leading search engine, announced plans to accept
Bitcoin as payment for some services.

Hubert Trotman is an Internet Marketer as well as a currency trading enthusiast. I have been an avid marketer for over 15 years. My bio also includes system analyst, programming, and electronic engineering. I am the father of six children.

->   http://onyalist.com/Bitcoins/seicomolp

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