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Sokule...So What?
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Sokule...So What?


We are so pleased to announce our new Sokule
theme song called Sokule...So What

Written and performed by Michael Mark, it
will have you dancing in the aisles in no time.

Mike Mark wrote the theme song for Entertainment
tonight (ET) and we are so pleased that he
has now written the Sokule Theme Song.

You can give a listen right here:

Scroll down under the video on the left
hand side to the flowplayer and start your
day off right with a little Sokule.

If you are a member of Sokule, you can download
the song for a song:) or make it a ringtone on
your phone.

We are the only Social Media site that I know
of with our own theme song.

Pretty Kule, right?

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, you
are missing one of the most powerful advertising
sites on the net.

Our motto is Ping Post Profit

You can now get your message out all over the
world in a nano second.

You make one post at Sokule and it instantly
appears on Twitter and facebook and myspace
and 30 other Social Media sites.

It pings the weblogs for you which is what
make Google and the other search engines
take notice of your post.

You profit getting vast exposure for your
own website.

You can also ea*rn handsome affiliate commissions
just by introducing others to Sokule and when
they upgrade, you get paid.

Sokule is creating a revolution on the net
There is no other Social Media site like it

And now we have our own theme song,
Sokule...So What?

Sokule, The Gentle Giant, is working for you 24/7

He does all the work for you.

He never sleeps so you can.

Enjoy and go get um.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Be sure to visit our new site that will
get you more Sokule trackers and More Twitter
followers at the same time. Take the drudge
work out of creating your Sokule and Twitter
lists, do it here in a blink of an eye





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