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Review of Traffic Exchange Profits

Lately, I have been spending a great deal of time learning to effectively use every marketing funnel and front-end traffic source that I can find to drive traffic to my back-end business opportunity.  Something I have noticed is that, while many of these are attractive on the outside, they really take too much energy and work to deliver anything of substance.  I have been dabbling with Traffic Exchange sites for a couple of years now, but didn’t really have much success.  I was focused on driving my business opportunity or affiliate link right down people’s throats.  Those folks simply aren’t interested because they see a million posts and links just like yours.

The reason that I am writing this is because I have been fishing in the right pond, but with the wrong bait!  I actually stumbled across this free (and their is a paid upgrade as well if you want it) marketing funnel that is designed to be your front-end offer in the Traffic Exchanges.  What helped me decide to pay any amount of attention to it was that I was surfing for credits and the Splash Page for this funnel stood out and caught my eye.  I figured that if it would catch my attention, it was also catch the attention of others.  So from there, I spent about half an hour going through the crash course and sales pitch.  What was enticing was that there really was no sales pitch other than an upgrade if you wanted it.

The entire marketing funnel is based on the premise that you setup all your downline referral links inside of it and give away the crash course that is branded with your links.  They provide splash pages, banners, etc. just like all the other programs out there, but this one is centered purely around building a profit center of nothing but traffic exchanges and upgrade commissions.  At the same time, by funneling prospective TE (Traffic Exchange) surfers, you begin earning your surfing credits to promote this thing in a circular monetized fashion.  On the back-end, you can begin building an email list and then you can begin pitching any opportunity you want.

So my shameless plug is my own affiliate link for TE Profits below, but my primary interest was to share this solution with everyone as it is WORKING FOR ME now.

TE Profits
I hope it helps you in your business building efforts!



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