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So YOU no longer want to be a slave to your job...

So you no longer want to be a slave to your job.

                                                                                      You Want a Way Out 

When you decided to Work From Home, how did you envision your life?

Did you see your home office plush and equipped with all the doo dads..

Did you anticipate the hours you would have with your children to watch them grow, attend every game, and be their when they needed you.

Did you imagine the trips with your spouse to far away islands for romance and adventure.

(ok maybe that one is a little off since the kids are in school) but you follow me..

Or are you considering taking the big leap, leaving your career, and planning on working from home and being your own boss with the visions of sugar plums dancing in your head.

Well it sucks when all you envisioned in your

 work from home

dream results in still being a slave,

but this time to your computer or business you started.

Why would we be yearning to "work from home"   if it only means we will become a slave to our computer or business?


Then we start getting exposed to shiny promises and the lie that YOU can get rich Tonight!


Let me hip you all to something. There is no such thing as  GET RICH QUICK AND EASY


You are bombarded daily with emails and offers to sign up here and there and everywhere.


You know your first though is SCAM. Mine was.


BUT.....I have a new mindset


Help Others by Giving them Value and Success WILL Come....


I know you don't have time to help others because you have bills to pay and etc.


But when you were at your job or if you still are,


Are you not working along side others who have bills also?


Aren't you and your co workers getting thru the daily hurdles together?


Why then when we work online, do we not consider other marketers our co laborers instead of our competition?


You see, I now see past the offer and realize there is a person JUST LIKE ME trying to make it online too.


Then I think to myself, "have they been duped into thinking that what they are offering will make them rich overnight? Have then been "taken" for their money?"


Then I feel bad for them. They have no clue of what automation is and they are still a slave. What do you mean Big Cheese?


Automation- The technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices, REDUCING HUMAN INTERVENTION TO A MINIMUM.


The 2% of online marketers that are Successfully living their dreams are where they are because


1) Consistently Implementing a Daily Plan of Action


2) Following the Lead of a Mentor who ALREADY HAS THE PROOF OF RESULTS


3) Automation


There are many wonderful Multi Level Marketing Products that are Quality and People Consume them.........But if you are trying to let the WORLD know of your product, the way that everyone else is doing it, is really, in my opinion not working anymore.


Consumers have RED Alert in their eyes when they see Your offer and mine.


For example, I sell Scentsy


                                                                         and SendoutCards


but who cares? If you don't trust me or know my products are you really going to buy from me?


I want You to be realistic. I know you sell the best thing since potato chips, but let's just say "You are the only one who believes that". Are you starting to understand?


We are online marketers because we Love the idea of being our own boss and in charge of forging our path to financial freedom.


But You have to offer people VALUE!


You have to HELP OTHERS.


You must assist them in getting them the ONLINE Visibility they NEED and then teach them to help others to do the same, regardless of what product they are selling.


This Black Friday, I want you to consider this challenge:


Beat the crowds in a different way.


Get The Best Deal from the comfort of your own home.


You like sales? You want a deal? You want to be First in Line?


Then Grab YT Explosion Code this Black Friday.


It will not be released to the public until 12/2/2013.......


Your Business Deserves Exposure. Your Toiling for hours on the computer must STOP.


Get Consistency, a mentor with proven results, and AUTOMATION


Invest in YOU!!!!


click below to learn more






Michelle The Big Cheese aka StayingHomeMom





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