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[DB]233,346 home businesses abandon startup this year!

Home based businesses are dropping like flies, according to
information I have extracted from Scott Shane's book “The
Illusions of Entrepreneurship.” 233,346 home based
entrepreneurs in the United States will abandon their startup
efforts within the first year. What I am saying is they will
never start their business.

Of the 1,166,728 home based businesses that will be started
next year 291,682 will fail within the first year. 641,700
will fail within the first 5 years due to lack of profits and/or
other problems.


But It Gets Worse

Prior to the economic meltdown, everybody could put their
hands on money because the banks were handing it out like
candy. But now credit has gotten much harder to come by
as a byproduct of the weak economy.

Because of this more new entrepreneurs are starting their
new home business using their own personal savings. This
has caused many to be attracted to opportunities that can be
started with a smaller amount of startup capital. (The
Federal Reserve's Survey of Small Business Finances found
that the typical new business starting from scratch needed
$22,700 in initial capital.)

But the declining economy isn't the worst of it. According
to many home based business owners, the old means of
getting new customers isn't working any more.


Trusted Advertising Has Stopped Working

According to an industry study, most home based
entrepreneurs rely on “old” methods of advertising such as
the phone book and newspapers to get customers. Yet
recent trends show those methods to be quickly nearing

Nobody's Using The Phone Book or Newspapers Anymore

I don't use the phone book or newspapers, so I don't expect
other people to use them either. In fact, research shows that
92% of business searches are being done on the Internet …
and not in the phone book or the newspapers.


Good News: Customers Are Still Out There!

According to Google, over 48,387 people are searching for
“home business” on the Internet every day. This is no
surprise to me, people still desire a home business and
always will … regardless of the economy.

It's just a matter of putting your home based business idea
in front of the people who are looking for you. If you do
this, you can easily have your best year ever. And for savvy
home based entrepreneurs who embrace the Internet, the
future is looking even brighter.


The Number Of Customers Is Actually Growing, In Spite
Of The Economy

According to Kelsey Research Group, the number of
Internet users is growing by 18% per year. And that only
means that the number of people searching for a “home
business” is set to keep growing as well.

The opportunity for home based entrepreneurs to get more
customers than ever is huge. This is a classic situation
where the people who take advantage of the opportunity
first are going to be the ones who make the most money.

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