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Social Media Takes The Next Step
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Social Media Takes The Next Step

Social media has exploded in the last few years and  even those that have never seen it instantly recognize FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace. These social media websites have become so popular that almost every wireless device on the planet now comes with some type of dedicated application for one or more these networks. It is amazing to see the wide variety of content from commercial advertising and event notification to people giving play by play commentary of their daily lives and everything in between.

Retailers and business owners all over the world have recognized the potential of this huge market and as a result advertising has become big business for the social media sites. Even celebrities have embraced the social networking phenomenon, although sometimes we may get more information than we wanted, the social networking arena has touched just about every aspect of life and is possibly one the most significant contributions the internet has made to everyday life thus far.

Social media is now taking another giant step in its evolution with the ability to send messages, updates and new posts to multiple social media websites with one application. That's right, it is now possible to send updates to Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace and up to 30 others with just one application. The appliction Sokule (http://www.sokule.com) resembles a Twitter-like social networking website but Sokule is an application designed for business.

Sokule allows you send a post similar to the other networks but will also send your post to a host of other networking sites and search engines like Google. The Sokule application can even ping the search engines alerting them of the new content to help you reach more people and get more sales. The information superhighway is getting bigger every day and it can be difficult to grab a potential customers attention with this vast amount of data to weed through, Sokule can get your message directly to millions of people with the click of your mouse instead of just throwing your information out in the ether and hoping people see it.

Sokule is free to sign up and there are levels of membership that perform different functions, most businesses immediately upgrade after realizing the potential of this application. Sokule allows you to establish a business presence on the web with photos, videos, your company logo and more.

Sokule even has a commission program for referrals and these pay a whopping fifty percent commission for anyone who upgrades to a paid membership. With the potential of this application and the power of the social networking sites you can make a good profit on referrals alone. If it sounds too good to be true, take a moment and visit the website for some more detailed information and learn how Sokule can help your business take the next step in social media.




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