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Lists=Sales...Here Is How You Build Them The Easy Way
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Lists=Sales...Here Is How You Build Them The Easy Way

List Wire Added To Onyalist Today

We just added List Wire as one of the auto responders
you can use at Onyalist.

You can now attach your Onyalist Capture pages
to Aweber, GetReponse, TrafficWave, GVO,
Rocket Responder and now List Wire. More
will be coming over time.

You can also use the Onyalist mailer if you
do not use one of these auto responders so
you are never without a way to contact your

When you use Onyalist to build your lists,
you will Never Lose a Lead again. Period
End of Story.

All your leads appear in the back office
of Onyalist under My Leads

Full stats are available for any page you
create at Onyalist. Hits, sign ups and
conversion rate hits to sign ups.

We recently added new video backgrounds
in the members area of Onyalist which are
a hoot and are increasing lead sign ups by
a factor of 50% when they are used. I
have been testing this feature.

If you would like to add the video backgrounds
to your onyalist features, log into your
members area and go to "Video Backgrounds"

If you are not yet a member of Onyalist
join us right here


There is an extra one time charge for this
or a small monthly fee. Your choice.

If you want to use the onyalist mailer, you
will find that feature in the members area
at the bottom of the left hand menu.

There is a monthly fee for the Onyalist
mailer which is competative with all the
auto responders but you will love one of
the features that the Onyalist mailer has
that auto responders do not have.

You can add 3 banners of your own to
the validation thanks page which really
stand out when you leads validate.

Why not make some additional sales while
you are collecting leads:)

Onyalist has you covered head to Toe
soup to nuts and every which way around.

Use it in your marketing and you will
be surprised how quickly it can build
lists for you.



Go get um


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