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Newbies... Here's Your Advertising BluePrint To Follow.

Hello Fellow Marketer,

Need some instant advertising to get you started on
your promotions right now through more advertising
tools than just email?

Login or join State-Of-The-Art-Mailer and follow these

- Surf the unclaimed and Extended Solo Ads area to
gain your credits and then send your ad to 3,000
members as a free member. (Upgraded is higher which
is up to 25,000)

- Claim your "Golden Ticket" complementary entries
or use credits to purchase them. Golden Ticket winners
can send a solo ad to 25,000 for fr ee.

- Use the time you gain from clicking ads to run a
Time-Bonus Banner ad on our Banner Network. If you
aren't a Golden Ticket winner, your ticket is converted
to time to run your banner longer.

Multiple advertising tools all in one site to get you going
right now. Login or join now!



Jaye Pause, Brad Webb & Paul Coonan


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