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Exhibition of The Bebirian Art Collection

just last night a very sweet and gentle young lady from Japan now living in California sent me a message about how difficult times are for her in California now and how she was asking for donations in order to keep her beautiful art pure and without commercialization - 


I did not hesitate about donating some money since I had seen a great deal of her work which is most astounding - 


and then I began to think - in all honesty - my very own situation - if I do not make any sales soon at the prices that I have set - may actually become similar to her's and with the amount of art (over 175,000 images) that I have already placed on the Internet and about another 200,000 waiting on my computer to be uploaded - perhaps I could encourage people to make a slight donation even as small as $1.00 (or a much lager amount if they like) if they feel that there has been some value in their being able to view my art for free in my online galleries (I do not make prints or canvases to hang on walls of galleries or museums which in my mind makes my work even rarer than any limited editions since only if a person really really really likes a piece after they have looked and liked it so much that they are willing to pay the prices that I ask for) and so I went ahead and placed this concept in this new digital fundraising that my friend had utilized and sent to me so that perhaps times might be only slightly better for myself as well - here is what I was able to create: 




and perhaps you might have an idea how to share this with others who might be interested in viewing my art and may perhaps enjoy the experience well enough that they might be interested in contributing to my existed to go further on with my current project - 




thank you! 







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