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Some tips for TrafficPython members

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Ever noticed those bland, hard to see Traffic Python slideups? Ads that seem to disappear into your desktop? Are your ads like that?....  Mine were ~ I tried backgrounds etc.. too hard aka IMPOSSIBLE to align consistently.

Then I figgered it owt!  ..
FIRST   >>  Click 'Justify FULL' button
SECOND  >>  Select ALL 'Ctrl A'
THIRD   >>  Choose BACKGROUND Colour ~ Black works well
FOURTH  >>  Type your Advertisement
My recommendation ~ Create a pervasive black background for the text area (other colours are kool if they suit but black melds nicely with the slideup itself and implies a union by design ~ IMHO)

Create your Ad upon this background. Let your repressed desire for colour prevail ~ CONTRAST is the key in these brief exposure type situations. DRAW the focus of your audience to YOUR AD.. Human nature will likely do the rest. Get them to your promotion page and you have a chance. Without first getting their attention, all you have is one expired credit.

Once you have a layout you are satisfied with, post the Ad. Then simply 'CLONE' that Ad and modify to suit your next Advertisement. This will retain the formatting used in the previous Ad.


ALWAYS save and PREVIEW your Ads to check your formatting and accuracy! One extra carriage return can DESTROY your intended effect. Intentional misspellings should be limited. Poor command of language is not a selling point! I have  a Bachelor of Arts Degree and I keep a dictionary beside my desk at all times. A very fast way to lose credibility is to not make the effort to be correct. You will lose NO sales with accuracy!

Important point!!

Do you have sites which require payment before an email confirmation etc? This situation is problematic for ads placed within TrafficPython (NB: it is not the only site affected this way)... This is because AlertPay will no longer accept payments from a site originating from within a frame. This is unavoidable from a TrafficPython cloaked link. (as far as I am aware)

I have, however, found a nifty (IMHO) way to circumvent this.

You are in one now. They are one of the awesome functionalities of SoKule. .. I have found that if I link to a Sokwall from a cloaked link, anyone leaving the page is not considered by AlertPay to be coming from a Frame!

I am using my SokWall functionality in SoKule to an ever increasing level. It is something you should possibly consider, they are very powerful!

I will add to this page as I learn  more, but sokwalls have SO many more benefits than this ..  the provision of multiple links eg, video & signup & info pages ~ testimonials etc etc

Keep using TrafficPython... it gets better with age and utilisation  :)
Peter aka surgreen
New Zealand


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