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The Money is in the Eyes and the Ears. Yes Really
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The Money is in the Eyes and the Ears. Yes Really

People like to look and to listen. The money
is in the eyes and the ears.

Over at Onyalist we added some really nifty
Video Backgrounds that you can use with
your capture pages.

Take a look at some of the ones I have
created recently and open your eyes and
your ears

I just cooked this one up today.

Rocket Your Sales

Hot Stuff 262 leads in 4 mailings

New Marketing Done4 You 122 leads in 2 mailings

I cooked these pages up at Onyalist with
the recently added video backgrounds.
People are loving the video backgrounds
which are new and unique to onyalist

You are not going to find these anywhere
else online.

Or you can create great capture pages with
our unique static pages.

They work wonders as well

Here is one I did 30 days ago and now
have a list for this one of 1188 subscribers


Over all I have easily built new lists of
over 5000 members in 4 weeks using Onyalist.

It took me 13 years before this to build
my lists.

5000 new subscribers in 30 days...That is Golden.

Bottom line...

Create Capture Pages in under 60 seconds
Get them out all over the net
Build lists the easy way
Use an auto responder or the Onyalist mailer
to contact them

You now have a business in a box
Run your entire business from one site.

Affordable one time payments
Get pa*id 4 ways from one sale

Get full stats on all your capture pages

And do it all from one convenient easy
to use site.


I am in love.
You will be too.

go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: You will find the video backgrounds in
the members area of Onyalist. There is an
extra small additional charge for use of
the video backgrounds. Well worth it.

PPS We have everything you need at one
site to succeed online

You can build endless lists
You can attach your capture pages to an
auto responder or use our Onyalist Mailer
You get full stats on every page you create
You will get doznes and dozens of background
images most never before seen anywhere on the net

The system is so easy. Anyone can use it
You can add all sorts of special things
to your capture page
Clock times
Post to major social media sites
Edit your pages at any time
Change the size and location and color
of your overlays

This is one of the most versatile sites
I have seen for marketing online.

Get you hands on all it has to offer today



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