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Want to Promote your Local Business Online?

Many businesses, small stores and entrepreneurs do not have the online presence that they should have to grow their business faster. This is most of the time because they do not have the budget to hire a webmaster or the knowledge to do it themselves. What if there was an easy way for you to promote your local business online?

 Promote your Local Business Online

Some of these small business owners choose to do their promotion directly onFaceBook creating a profile for themselves and a FaceBook Page for their business. This is not a bad idea, but the problem with this is that you do not own the content on your page. You are given permission to publish, that's all. 

What if FaceBook shuts down your content or closes its doors as other social media networks have experienced in the past… your content will be lost.

It is also not a solution to use any free web systems like Blogger.com orWordPress.com to publish your content. The problem is still the same. I have had myBlogger account deleted because they did not like my content… you can't post what you want and if you want to sell stuff, that's not an option. These free systems are made for leisure, not business.

So, what is the solution to promote your local business online may you ask?

The solution is to use an inexpensive blogging system made for business where you can control and own the content. There is no other way you can promote your local business online efficiently. I use this blogging system myself as you can see.

It is called the Blog Beast or the Viral Blogging System released by the "Empower Network". This blogging system has been one year in development and cost around $3M. It has been build especially for business with the ease of use in mind. Every can start blogging instantly without going through hours of training.



Michel Gerard - Webmaster, Blogger, SEO, Internet Marketer and Affiliate Manager living in Bangkok, Thailand, South-East Asia.

->   http://www.michelgerardonline.com/blog/want-to-promote-your-local-business-online

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