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You've got to see this to believe it - Slap the Guru!!!
You've got to see this to believe it - Slap the Guru!!!
Paul Darby has come up with one of the most hilarious sites
I have ever seen on the net - and he helps you to make money
with it!
See here:
All you do is set up an AlertPay account for collecting your
payments, choose the amount you want to come in at - 7, 25,
75 or 100 dollars and that's it!
You get set up with your own website like the one in this link,
you get your link in a rotator to add to your own advertising
efforts, then you literally watch the payments hit your account
again and again and again - 100% of it to you.
Read more about it here:
Have some fun slapping that guru and get free advertising for
new members to join through YOUR link and pay YOU directly. 
It cannot be simpler.
Put some fast cash into your account for a change!
PS You also get downloadable software in the member's area
worth more than the payments, plus if you are a member of Sokule
and join at the 100.00 level, you can grab 500,000 Sokens worth
You can join Sokule here: http://sokulepro.com


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