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Kule Wall has arrived at Sokule.
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Kule Wall has arrived at Sokule.

I am really hyped up this morning.

Our new Kule Wall has arrived at Sokule!

You will see it as soon as you log in.

Here is what it is

Paying members of Sokule can make a post on Kule

Wall and it will be seen by everyone who logs into

It will also be seen in the members area
at the Kule Wall box.

This means you can get your post seen in
front of the entire membership of Sokule
not just your trackers if you are a
bronze plus, silver, gold or founding member
of Sokule.

Bronze plus and silver can make 1 post daily
to Kule Wall.

Gold members can post 2 times daily.

Founders can post 3 times daily.

Bonze members can purchase this application
as an add on.

Kule Wall is really powerful.

Our log in page is the most visited page
at Sokule. People are in and out of there
all day long.

Your post Will be seen on Kule Wall.
It will be seen on all of our 33 Social
Media sites as well if you choose to
publish it to all the sites.

So Make your best post of the day the one
that appears on Kule Wall.

It's Magic

So give it your best shot.
Choose a valuable post to post on Kule Wall.

This is just live today and we will be making
changes to it but we wanted to get it out to
you while we are working on.

For example, there will be a nifty search
function that lets you search for posts
about topics you are interested in and it
will show the posting trends. It is really
Kule but not yet ready for prime time.

I will let you know when that is ready

Not yet a member of Sokule, join us right

PS Tomorrow you will have something very
unusual to put on that wall.

Founders stay tuned for a new launch that you will

have in the morning as soon as it is ready.

Everyone stay tuned for a great new JPE
Advertising Sokule related site tomorrow
at high noon est Thursday, March 25th.





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