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A Cry For Help- Janes Sunday Sermon
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A Cry For Help Janes Sunday Sermon

As Memorial day approaches, Americans are crying out for help in so many ways.

The Father of a dead 20 year old child cried out for help yesterday when hecalled out the NRA and "Craven Politicians" for their stand on gun control and their willingness to remain silent in the face of so many deaths. His son, along with 6 other young people, lay dead all around a college campus. 13 others were injured as another gun rampage took place. Just another
day at School for Americans.

Americans are asking for gun control. Instead they are getting endless investigations.

All over the country, Americans  are asking for jobs and instead they get endless investigations

They are asking to be paid a fair wage and instead they are getting endless investigations.

They are asking for unemployment insurance which they have earned and are entitled to and instead they are getting endless investigations.

They are asking that woman be pa-id equal pay for equal work. Instead they get endless investigations.

Both a raise in the minimum wage and the payment of unemployment benefits and equal pay for woman are enormously  simulative for the economy. Our bought and paid for politicians do not give one hoot.

The immigrant community in America is crying out for help and hoping against hope that they can come out of the shadow and become full participants in the American way of life.

Instead they get stone walled and we get more endless investigations.

Just the other day the Republican controlled house voted down a minimalistbill that would have made  immigrants, who serve in the army, eligible forcitizenship. The bill did not pass. It seems it is fine for immigrants to fight and die in our army but participate in our Democracy as citizens. Hell No!

We need help fighting our floods and our wild fires and our change in climate and instead we get climate deniers and people with thier heads buried so deep in the sand that they can purposely and, without regard to the future, ravage the earth for thier own selfish gain.

There is such a paucity of ideas in our elected officials now, that they have nothing at all to offer Americans except obstruction, hate filled language and endless investigations.

I often wonder if there is a way out of this.?

People remind me that we can get rid of extremists at the ballot box but,if those extremists are suppressing the vote with impunity, I am not sure that it will be possible to rid ourselves of a group of people who have a strangle hold on our democracy.

Political Whack birds have taken over many of our Governorships as well as the house of representatives and with the  help of the Supreme court we have created an oligarchy where a few billionaires can buy any political office they like.

The picture seems grim for America. We have lost our much of middle class wealthand with it our spine to fight for what is right.

When you hand the reigns of power over to self- interested, self -absorbed whack birds, what you get is the bottom feeders rushing to see who can out do who and get to the bottom first.

On this Memorial Day Weekend, Americans will travel to family and to thegrill. They will do this while their vets returning from endless wars cannot get the health care they are entitled to and while the usual suspects and the angry mob calls for someone's head instead of offering solutions.

Head chopping is the tool of the foolish who have no time to listento think or to analyze a problem and who really do not give a damnas to what the solution is. Instead they scream and squeal "Off with their heads",   How very English Americans can sometimes be:)

Americans are Crying out for help. Who will answer the call?

Have a thoughtful Memorial Day Weekend.


Jane Mark
Sokule Inc


Jane Mark is an observer of the political scene in the US. It can be grim and painful towatch and to participate in at times. This is one of those times. As a business person, Jane often communicates with her clients many of who are struggling to get ahead. They are fighting forces that seem to be not in their control and often pick a path totravel down that accepts what is and does not muster the spunk to fight it. This will change. Americans are slow to try or accept new things and it takes seemly forever to head down a productive road but somehow they get there even if it takes generations









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