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Work Like Hell And Give Something Back - Don't Play with Kid Gloves On


When I left my job, I didn't become unemployed. I became self employed. That means leaving didn't mean stop working. It meant now I have to work like Hell is after me.


I like what Muhammad Ali said, "I don't start counting sit ups until the it starts hurting that is when it counts." It is so easy to fall in the pits and trappings of not having an external boss. Getting distracted both by the things around me and within me.


But that is why, we need a why. I don't work. I don't EAT. I don't work I don't have a place to LIVE. It makes the simple rejections I experience on the phone or in person that much more trivial.


I now have burned the ships and there is only one place to go. That direction is to Success. Nothing less will do. I will until. There is not other option.


Unleash you inner most power. Play full out to win. See what your life looks like with the glass overflowing.




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