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The Golden Shovel - What Becomes of Our Broken Hearts Kevin Costner Talks About Whitney Houston

"What Becomes of Our Broken Hearts?" The Gold Shovel. Two highlights of the remarks Kevin Costner made at Whitney Houston Funeral. I admire his honest about how at that time the thoughts of race ran through the minds of the studio when choosing Whitney Houston for the Bodyguard. I appreciate the story of Whitney and her redoing her makeup so that she would look good for her screen test.


As I've been working with more an more new people, I've get more away and sensitive to their desire to please. Their desires to look good, do good and be good. As some of what of a battle hardened veteran, I sometime don't realize until after I step on someone's foot that it was even there.


I believe that this is the importance of having a right relationship with Jesus Christ. It helps us to put ourselves and keep ourselves in proper perspective. Without Christ, before the God we are but beggars in filthy rags. 


In other schools of spirituality the human condition is even worse. In "The Four Agreements" we are compared to a body covered with scars and blisters. Hypersensitive to the touch of others. But the reason we don't see it is because it is on the inside of us.


What causes our emotional scars? I don't know. It's not my field of study. I do know that they are there and once we recognize that we begin to look at our relations in a different light. Let me know what you think.


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