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The Internet Is Fragmenting!


We are not here to alarm you or frighten

you but you need to know...


It is predicted (you can verify

this yourself online) that by

the end of this year more

than 50% of ALL internet

traffic will originate from a

mobile device!


Today you can access the internet

from a pc, from a laptop, from a

smart phone, from a tablet, and

so on, you get the idea?..



And just like the technological climate

of 15 years or so ago, things are changing

again - only this time even faster.


It's this avalanche of changes that have

been cascading down upon us that have

led us to totally reinvent our business,

our products and our services.


In fact, it is indeed exactly why we

began selling custom phone apps for

any business through our

TheICANetworkApps.com site, and we

quickly became a leader there.

It's also why we began offering guaranteed

first page search results for local businesses

through our SEO service site, TheICANetwork.com

You must get mobile ready


It's imperative that you are mobile ready

for what's happening. Just like 15 years ago,

those early adapters crushed their competition,

built their businesses ahead of the curve. The

same thing is taking place exactly right now.

Think it's safe to wait a year? It probably isn't.

Here's why...


It's currently estimated that there are

over 1,300,000 androids, not counting

iPhones, being activated - every day -

worldwide. And, it is estimated that by

the end of this year over 50% of all i

nternet traffic will originate from these

smart mobile devices.

If your website is not formatted, if it is

not mobile friendly, if it is not easy to

navigate on that tiny 3-inch screen, your

visitors will leave as fast as they got there.

See more and get ready at



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