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Bronx NY Sales Pros Wanted This Could be Your Number 704-307-4717 - Do Quit Because The Pain


What the difference between winners and losers? The way they think. If you do the same to tomorrow that you did today you are stuck. You want to wake up today and do something different.

If you want to have success you have to change the way you think. Your thinking controls your value system. Your value system determines what you will do and will not do. This morning I had the opportunity to go for no. I wimped out.

If I want a different outcome today than I had yesterday, I have to man up and Go for no. I have to become more fearful of not getting no than of not getting yes.

No's are part of the way to success. If I can't face the no's I can't get to the yeses. Today is the day I break free. It is amazing that opportunity for money itself is not enough to make me do what is required.

This is why the personal why is so important. It has to be something that will make me stand of to my self created fear and say you are not real. You will not stop me today. You will not keep me stuck.

Today is your chance to become something greater. You have the opportunity to make what you want. Your future is now. Now is the best time of your life. It wasn't yesterday. It isn't tomorrow.

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