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If you have never failed you have never tried anything new. That's is why constantly pushing the envelope is so important. Today one of my business partners had a break through.


They set their first Decision Maker meeting today. It took a two days of back to back to back calling after a month of fits and starts, but she did it. She had fear. She walked through. She had doubt. She picked up the phone and made the calls anyway.


By not giving up after she had failed repeated to set an appointment, she experienced the success of setting an appointment. The funny thing was that even though she experienced success, she felt the fear rising again when she was about to make the next call. 


That's because her subconscious hadn't caught up the her new reality. That is something that is hold many people back. Their are still acting as if they were existing in conditions which were no longer present. 


While money may have been a problem before you ready this press release, money or the lack of money money is not long the problem. Contained in this press release is a proven system to generate money on demand. The only problem is are you going to act on it or are you going to still operate in your previous condition.


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