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Traffic Exchanges and Getting More Views For your Website

As more and more people come to the internet to learn how to earn money, they are constantly looking for ways to increase visitors to their websites. One of the first things that they run across are Traffic Exchanges and Surf Program.


Now many of these programs will claim they will make you rich. They are right if you work them the right way. The Secret To Wealth From the Universe can be spelled in Seven Letters - THE LIST!!!!! Period. And if you use this program to build your list you will see results beyond your wildest imaginations.


Here are some of the ones which I've recently been a part of and am now sharing with my teammates and others. Do try them. They aren't for everyone, but everyone can benefit from having some knowledge of how they work.




IBOExchange is a great way to get likes to your videos, webpages, capture pages, presentations, splashpages, you name it. I also like these programs because they give you an education on what is out there. You can see the programs which people are promoting.


If you take a little time to study the ones that appeal to you most and analysis what it was that appealed to you. They are great sources for what Internet Marketers and great Advertisers/copywriters call swipe files. 


Swipe (Stolen) Files is what is also known as R&D. Rob and Duplicate. Now in the beginning most people just copy and paste. But, as you get more serious about it you learn how to mix and match and what evolves in your own unique style and message.


It's like the process of going from childhood to adult hood. In the beginning we mimic. That is why you will get a lot of the same messages and post. Then as we become more comfortable we start to form our own sentences and expressions which give us the real ability share who we really are.


I'd love to get your feedback.


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