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Coming to Fox News Business

In just a couple weeks we will be on national 

television in a very big way...


We have purchased 185 national television 

commercials on the FOX Business Network, 

which is the absolute perfect media to put 

our message in front of.


This is top secret.  We have hired a famous 

actress with 12 movies and many guest 

apperances on tv to her credits, to be our

spokes person. 


If you have not joined 


you should do so as fast as you can.


When the commercial airs, we will put in up at the 

site, and it will appear on your TheICANetwork.com 

website also, the TV commercial with the caption 

under it that will read, "Proud sponsors of the FOX 

business network" See our TV commercial featuring..."


When your prospects see this television commercial 

they will know that this is a serious business.



If it's been a while since you've been to 

http://TheICANetwork.com/r/lhuggins you should go there 

and see our services. 


We recently added complete Facebook(R) Management 

for only $139 a month, you really should read about that.


Come join the team and be a part of the future of



Linda Huggins-Founder


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