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Discipline the key to accomplishing any great feat - Thoughts of Paul J Meyers
What is the key to accomplishing any great feat? According to Paul J Meyers it is Discipline. Now discipline has different meanings to different people. Here is what Mr. Meyers has to say.


"Just as electricity is power, so discipline is power. But unlike electricity, discipline is available to all of us in unlimited supply! And on top of that, discipline is free!"


Wow free power!!! That is something. But what does this mean?


"What that means is that we all have the power to accomplish the impossible!"


What would you do if you could accomplish the impossible? To help you get some ideas look at what has been made possible.


"It took discipline to make every one of the following "impossible" things; Cars, Spaceships, Radios, Airplanes, Light bulbs, CDs and DVDs, Internet, Prosthetic limbs, TV, Heart transplants, computers..."


That's is amazing. Think about the ideas you have in your mind about what you want to do and what you want to accomplish. Have you thought about it as being impossible? Well I'm here to let you know that with discipline you can make it happen.


"Discipline ranks in the must-have category, right beside food, water, and air!"


Why is that?


"Because if you don't have discipline, no plan, no matter how large, great, or cash-generating it is, will ever amount to anything unless someone has the discipline to follow through with it. That is a fact of life."


I want you to think about this admission by one of the greatest known inventors.


"The great inventor, Thomas Edison, once explained that the vast majority of his patents and inventions were someone else's - he was just the one who finished what another had started!"


This is just the begin of the importance of discipline. I look forward to discussing it more with you as we move forward. What are your thoughts so far? 

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