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Are you a Senior looking for a purpose?

Are you a senior? Would you like to enjoy life and really do something with a purpose?

Hi, I am Roger, 65 and retired. I have been an engineer and marketing guy all my life.

I always wanted to do everything possible to help others reach success. But in the hassle of daily life I spent a lot of time as a sales person and not enough time helping others.

When I retired I thought about what I could do that would be meaningful and last beyond my life.

If finally figured it out. The answer is to guide and direct seniors to free social media training to teach them how to use and have fun with the internet. As a side benefit they might even make a little money on the side with a work at home business and not a job.

If I do not make any money in this venture that is fine. The goal is to pass on the knowledge and help others understand and enjoy social media for fun or profit.

Do not get me wrong, I do expect myself and others to make serious money as they learn and become successful.

Make sure you visit my blog at success in minutes http://funnel2.me/blog. Join the Free Training from the blog.

Maybe you want to get a copy of my eBook “Baby Boomer Quality Living”. If so visit the website above and click on the books tab.

If you want my help just join the free training and if you need something not covered just ask me privately.

Never forget, there are at least two stars in our solar system; the sun and YOU.

Have a great day,



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