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Looking At Michael Jackson - The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of A Billion Dollar Industry






Michael Jackson One Celebration

What is the greatest requires? Michael Jackson truly is demonstrating how much of an impact he had on the World. Rising above the attacks, he built something that few people have every accomplished. The sad part about it is that we are all able to to accomplish much more than we do.


Have you developed a drive for success? It takes the ability to withstand pain. It takes the ability to withstand indecision. It takes the ability to keep moving even when you want to quit. But, don't quit on Winning, Quit Losing.


We live in a world where there is truly limited competition. But the truth is there is not competition at the top. It's only competitive at the bases levels of society. The question is "Are you giving life all you've got?"


If the answer is no, then you go must go forth and take battle to the enemy. The enemy within that will constantly hold you down. Your income is in your control. While there maybe times of famine, the feast always comes if we can continue to persevere.


Are you a champion? Do you want to live the life you can if you just reach for it?




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