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I Love Getting Paid Daily...665 per day. Yikes!

I Love Getting Paid Daily...665 per day. Yikes!

Good Monday Morning

I get paid daily.
Yep that's right.
Every day I have money dropped into
my Alertpay account and boy it is
adding up.

I am up to about 665 per day. That's
one heck of a lot of dough!

Not too shabby!

Here's the story and here is how you
can do exactly what I am doing.

When Dave Dubbs calls me, I just can't say no.


It's true. David Dubbs is a master on
the net. He closes all my sales for me
He is the best trainer on my sites that
I know. He knows them better than I do:)

So when he called to tell me about a new
site, I listened. He called about a month
ago and laid out "You Can't Say No" and
so of course I did what any smart cookie
would do, I said yes.

And Wow that's all it took. This site
took off like a bat out of You know where
and it hasn't stopped forone minute.

If you want a site that will put money
in your pocket month after month and that
pays you daily and more importantly gives
you the training you need to succeed on
the net, you better not say no to this one.

Dave will close your sales for you. I kid
you not.

You will get paid daily.
You will build a residual income on the net
and learn how to keep it going
The cost is reasonable and Dave and I
have made it irresistable. See below.

It's a gem

You can do this
It is not magic
Get onto this now.


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS You will find 25,000 fr.ee Croc ads
credits waiting for you when you upgrade
at You Can't Say No. Find out how to
collect them right at the site. That's
a value of 297.00 so you can't lose
at this site and there is no way you
can say no to a deal like this.


You can listen to Dave here.
It tells the whole story.
It's true. You get paid every day
This is one of the best places you can
be on the net.


PPS Ad Dave says in the audio. Get your
site up at Sokule and post it to doznes
of other media sites at one time. It will
make the search engines sit up and take
note of your You can't Say No site
Do it now



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