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Put Your Clothes On! Jane's Sunday Sermon

Put Your Clothes On! Jane's Sunday Sermon

Hi Gang

You've heard the saying...

"The clothes Make the Man"

Do you know who said that and what the
rest of the saying is?

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have
little or no influence on society."

Mark Twain


Put Your Clothes On-Jane's Sunday Sermon

It is a well known fact that how you
dress for business make a difference.

If you turn up at an interview, for a job,
in a pair of shabby pants, a shirt with
a stain on it and shoes unshined, it may
telegraph that you need the job badly,
but it is not likely to land it for you.

On the net, your site is your clothes
and it is the package you present to
the world.

You need to take care with it because
it is the only thing people know about
you when they land at your site.

Today let’s zero in on that and see
if we can't lift your sales and your


Phil and I are beginning to come up for
air after 3 straight weeks of beta testing
and adding new things to our new launch,

The launch of Sokule is causing a stir
on the net and we are delighted that many
of you are part of it.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule,
you can sign up here:


Sokule offers you a unique way to
package yourself on the net and to
present yourself as a professional
business person.

Business people are the ones that
make the sales.

You set up your Sokule site in a professional
way and you will make the sales.

Let me show you an example of what I
am talking about.

Here is one of my test accounts at
Sokule. I haven't done a thing with it
It is bare. It tells you nothing about
me. I have 7 trackers on this site and
if I post on it, it is not likely anyone
is going to bother to go back to this
bare site and read my posts.

No readers=no sales
No sales=No business


Now let's say I set up my account to
look like this


I have a lot more trackers because they
are attracted to the site.

When I post I am likely to reach a lot
more people.


In fact the average time that people
spend at a Sokule site is about 6.3
minutes. That is a huge number and
one that tells you there is a great
deal of interest in Sokule.

Most people spend about 5 seconds at
a site. Not at Sokule.

So the idea is to make your site
interesting so that they want to
look around and get to know you and
to buy from you.


What did I do?

I got dressed.
I put some clothes on.
I packaged myself at Sokule.

Here are some other people who got
dressed at Sokule.

You will probably recognize most of them
They are the ones making the sales on the net.


You know this guy:)


Or Like this


Or like this


Or like this


Or Like this

The first thing you want to do is get dressed:)

At Sokule we make it dead easy for you
to set up a Sokule site.

I have made a dozen or so short upbeat
videos on just how you do this. If
I can do this, anyone can.

We make it dead easy for your Sokule
post to appear instantly on Twitter.
If I can do this, anyone can.

We make it dead easy for you to pocket
that Green Spending Stuff at Sokule
because people are upgrading by the
boatload in order to fully customize
their site in a way they cannot do
at Twitter.

You can do this too, if you put some
clothes on.

Social Networking sites are the way
you are going to make 90% of your sales
in the future on the net.

I am making a not so bold prediction
here, because that is the way sales are
being made right now.

If you are not part of the Sokule
Revolution, believe me you are going
to see your sales drop off and you
are not going to be a happy camper.

When you can go to one place and post
to Twitter and 40 of the largest networks
on the net, you have a reach for your
product or service that you simply do
not have now.

But the first thing you need to do
is to get dressed.


The way you do that is...

First you join Sokule, if you have
not already done so



Next...you want to make sure that you
get a picture up of you. I know our little
guy, Sokule, is very cute. I love him and
call him the Gentle Giant, but people coming
to your site want to see a picture of you.
Please upload a picture of yourself on
the site.

Sokule will still be around on your
postit page but at the top should be
a picture of you.

Next put up a short bio about yourself
so people know who you are.

And add the url to the site you want
people to go to UNDER your bio box
This appears on the right hand side
of your postit page and it is live.

Choose your background color to suit you.

And you have a start on the game.

Take some time to do this right now if
you have not already done so.

It only takes a few minutes.
There are training tapes in the members
area that tell you just how to do this.

It is easy as pie.
Believe me when I tell you that if I
can set up a Sokule site, anyone can.

This is how you get your site started
and all membership levels can put up
a picture, a bio, a live link to their
main website and customize their background.


If you have an upgraded account at Sokule,
make sure that you are using all the
functions available in the members area
to you which will dress up your site
even more.

You can get five live links up to your site
You can get five of your favorite social
media sites up
You can get videos and graphic ads up
You can get clickbank products up
in order to make passive sales.
You can put your own tile wall up
You can change the color backgrounds to suit

You can do almost anything you like at
Sokule except maybe fry an egg;)

And here is where we can help.

Once you have your site set up the way
you like it, it's time to advertise it
and get it out to the world.

Advertising is something we know about.

For those of you who don't know us, for
the past ten years, we have been running
a successful advertising agency online
called JPE Advertising.

We know a bit about advertising and
how to get traffic to your site.
At least we hope we do:)

So here's the deal.

You get your Sokule site set up this week
and next week we will hold a seminar on
how to advertise your Sokule site and
get traffic to it so you can get trackers
and pocket some of that Green Spending Stuff.

Sokule is like Twitter but monetized so
you can pocket a boatload of bucks and
get recurring income from it and that is
the name of the game on the net.

Advertise the site
Get your upgrades
Collect month after month.

I will announce the date for a
how to advertise Sokule as soon
as we set it up.

Your job, today, is to put some clothes
on your Sokule Site.

I promise you if you do it will help
your sign ups and sales.


Go get um


Jane Mark


PS Be Sure to give a listen to our founders position tape

The are limited so grab yours now.



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