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The Green Pumpkin Jane's Sunday Sermon

The Green Pumpkin Jane's Sunday Sermon

Hello and Good Sundy Morning

I thought I would try something different,
yesterday, for Halloween.

In New York, we have this great service where
we can order from a super market. on line.
and get anything we want delivered- 7 days
a week, 365 days a year- in any two hour
period we choose.

It's really nifty.

I haven't been in super market for over
4 years. Don't even know what they look
like anymore.

But I digress...

So it being Halloween and all, I ordered
a pumpkin- not just any pumpkin. I
ordered a Japanese Pumpkin.

In the picture it looked lovely. It was
slightly more round and a bit more squat
then the pumpkins I am used to. The orange
color was more muted and soft.

I fell in love with it and bingo! Into my
shopping cart it went.

When it arrived. It was not orange. It
was green and yellow. It was much smaller
than the picture. I am not even sure it
was Japanese. Looked like it came
straight from Long Island to me:)

Oh my, I thought. How am I going to cut
our eyes for this one and a mouth with
funny teeth. Where would I fit a nose?

My Partner, Phil, took one looked at the
situation and gave me the answer in
a nano second.

"Use a smaller knife" he said.

The Green Pumpkin...Jane's Sunday Sermon

" Things are seldom what they seem,
Skim milk masquerades as cream;
Highlows pass as patent leathers;
Jackdaws strut in peacock's feathers"

Do you know that song and where it is from?

Find out the answer. One of you may win
a cash prize when we have our official
Australian launch of Sokule-This Coming
Tuesday night, Nov 3rd at 8.00 pm est.

Things are seldom what they seem on the net.

Some sites are pure hype.
Some sites are pure luck.
Some sites are pure genius.
Some can make you tear your hair out.
Some can make you a living online
Some can make you rich.

Most are legitimate business deals where,
with some work and some know how, you can
pocket some of that Green Spendin stuff.

Sooner or later I get to hear about and
test most of the sites out there.

The selection is endless;

Travel Sites
Health sites
Gaming sites
Advertising sites
Mentoring sites
EBooks about everything including Japanese

I must have missed that one before my
purchase yesterday:)

There is a site and a program on the net
to suit every taste, every interest.

Bottom Line...

If you have no place to advertise that
site you have chosen to promote, no way
to get the word out about that site, no
way to get eyeballs to that site, you
might as well be melting with the
jack-0-lantern candle.

You will be lost in a maze of sticky wax
which you will not be able to extricate
yourself from until you can find the
places to advertise that get you a response.

Phil and I know a bit about advertising
We have run an Advertising Agency on the
net for 10 years now.

Our area of interest has been building
lists and we focused our attention on
building lots of lists and large lists.
That has put a lot of Green Spending
stuff into our pocket over the years.

But the times they are a changing.

You need to change with them.

It is difficult to get email through now
to everyone on your list so you need to
add alternative methods of reaching your
audience for the product or service you
are selling.

Phil and I figured that out a few years
ago and began looking for the perfect
combination of list building and emailing
combined with a sure fire way to reach
everyone on that list as well.

We looked for a way to let people build
that list fast and easily.

The Answer is Sokule.

At first glance it looks like Twitter but...

Things are seldom what they seem.

It looks like Twitter but acts like a
Gentle Giant giving you the opportunity to:

Build a list of trackers fast
Reach ALL of that list consistently and
Post your message to your list whenever
you like and have it ping the Weblogs
Post your message to Twitter and dozens
of other Social Media sites instantly.
All while pocketing that Green Spendin
Stuff when people upgrade under you at

There are lots of advertising sites on
the net. Many of them are superb and you
should be using them.

You can find some of the best at our main site

But Sokule is the ultimate one stop
advertising site for any business on the
net and you should be making it the
foundation of your advertising arsenal and
spread your wings from there.


The next several years will be a time when
the way you advertise online changes.

The use of Video and graphics is becoming
essential to effective advertising.

Finding your way around email so you can
reach people is a must.

Getting direct connections with people
at Social Media sites is something you
will not be able to avoid if you want
to succeed on the net.

One of the best that I use, with great
success is Giblink.


You may think you have a winning formula
for success on the net: one you have
followed for years.

But things are seldom  what they seem
and you need to keep up with and keep
changing with the times or the times will
roll over you.

Green Pumpkins have become all the rage
and, if you do not know where to find them,
you will be burning the candle at the
wrong end or both ends.

It's not so hard to change from an orange
pumpkin to one that is green and yellow

As Phil says: "just use a smaller knife."

I think I will improve on that just a wee
bit and say:

"Just use a knife with a sharper edge"

Hope you Halloween was fun and funny and
filled with sweets for the future


Jane Mark
JPE advertising
Sokule, Inc.

PS: Dave Dubbs YCSN And Sokule

Monday night at 7.00 PM, we will hold
a teleseminar with our great friend and
partner, Dave Dubbs.

We will be talking about how to use
Sokule to advertise his superb new site,
You can't Say No. If you are not a member,
get in this now. I get paid daily. You can
too. We will show you how on Monday.


PPS The Australian Sokule Launch

This is going to be a pip.
It's Tuesday night, Nov 3rd at 8.00 PM
We are going to unveil some fabulous new
things about Sokule that night plus there
will be cash prizes awarded right there
on the teleseminar.

Bone up on your Sokule knowledge.
You will need it if you are going to
be a winner.

Both Monday and Tuesday Nov 2rd and 3rd
Teleseminars are here

DIAL-IN NUMBER : 641-594-7500
Pin 6001029

Come a few minutes early and say
hello. We expect to max out the lines
on both calls.

Don't turn into a pumpkin or, if you do,
make it a green one:)



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