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Wilbur The Pig and Charlotte-Got The Job Done
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Wilbur The Pig and Charlotte-Got The Job Done

Remember The Children's story Charlotte's Web?

Charlotte knew the right words to use
to make sure Wilbur the pig did not end
up on the dinner table as someone's
Christmas dinner.

Charlotte kept Wilbur alive and well

Like the words that Charlotte wove into
her web, we can keep your site alive and
earning dough for you through the creative
use of words and capture pages that will
make your site stand out from all the others.

This is a complete marketing system done
for you and you get to keep it for life

You keep the capture page we create for you
You keep the sales funnel create for you
You keep the custom page we create for you
You keep the ads we create for you
We promote to our lists (twice for You)


You invest in yourself once and reap
the benefits forever.

Don't let the sites that you promote end
up on someone's table for dinner

Keep them alive and vibrant and they will
continue to go to work for you.

Get your order in today.

First come-First Severed


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you would just like to use our most
popular list building and mailing site
yourself, please join us here.



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