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I Was Just Thinking This about Turkeys...
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I Was Just Thinking This about Turkeys...


I was just thinking about Turkeys today what with Thanksgiving soon upon us.

Turkeys can be great.

When they are roasted to perfection,they make your mouth water and your nose wrinkle up with delight but...

There can be other uses of the word turkey which are not quite as succulent

We all know the expression ...

"Go Cold Turkey"-Used to describe someone who is giving up cigarettes or hard drugs or alcohol

I went cold turkey on cigarettes after smoking them for almost 50 years.

Turkey can be used to describe a child who is acting silly and we say to thatchild " Don't be a Turkey" hopefully with affection.

I am pretty sure most of us are not giving up drugs or acting like children but...

There is another way the word Turkey can be used and that is to describe someone who is clueless

We say that same thing to someone who is clueless as we say to a child-

"Don't be a Turkey" but it is usually said without affection.

Clueless is not what you want to be when you are working online and trying to make some dough online.

You need every clue you can get and all the help you can get to make sure that your dollars are being spent wisely and

My partner Phil and I are here to help We like to help.

I often answer our client emails with long, detailed, "teaching" lessons about which I  have no clue if are actually read them or not but I hope they do.

If you are  clueless and want the best help we can offer you, I want you take a look at this Done For You Service that we offer where we literally take your website and turn it into a marketing tool for you.

We create a stunning capture page for your site and once it is done it is yours forever.

This capture page will help you build a list and we start that process off for you by sending your offer out twice to our lists to get you some leads.

These are your leads that are yours forever.

We create a custom page for your websiste that you can use anywhere on the net. It is completly unique to you and yours to keep forever.

We create a long ad, a short ad, a twitter ad and a kulewall ad for you and use these to send to our lists. These ads are yours to keep forever.

We give a lifetime account at Onaylist as an unlimited member which lets your create endless capture pages and lists

If you are already an unlimited member of Onyalist we give you a special price on our Done For You Service

Don't Be a Turkey

After 15 years of a successful business online, We do have a clue at least we think we do:)  and we can help

Get started here today



Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: If you would just like to join Onyalist and use one of the best sites my partner, Phil Basten, has created, you
can do that right here






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