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The Two Biggest Mistakes People Make Online
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The Two Biggest Mistakes People Make Online


There are two major mistakes that
people make online that keep them
from making the mon-ey they want
and need and deserve.

1) They join a lot of sites fr-ee
and then never upgrade to the level
where real dough can be made.

Big mistake!

2) People join list building sites
and then forget to mail their list

Huge Mistake!!!

The money is still in the list.
Always was. Always will be.

Bottom line

Join a list building site and then
do not forget to email that list once
you join.

You can do that right now today
by joining sokule at the silver level
and picking up a list of 500 people
(value 497.00)

You can email every 3 days-(Priceless)

We then give you 7.5 million sokens
that will auto grow your  list for you
(Value 9,525.00)

You list will continue to grow day
in and day out on auto pilot

You do nothing at all.
We grow your list for you and

You can email that list every 3 days.

Silver is an annual memberhip
You pay once a year and that's it.

You can ea-rn that back in a heartbeat
We pay you every Friday when you invite
others to join you at sokule and they

If you want to avoid the two biggest
mistakes that people make online then

use this special discount paylink and
go silver  at Sokule.


Your list is your biggest asset.
Buy into it and then...Use it.

go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS: And Speaking of Lists We will be
talking about them live later today

I will be a guest speaker...

Join us today, Sunday August 7th at
1.00 pm est

Register here:


PPS: If you are not yet a member of
Sokule, join us right here



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