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The Barbarians At Home - Janes Sunday Sermon
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The Barbarians At Home - Janes Sunday Sermon


This morning, as I read with horror. about the beheading of a British aid worker that followed on the heals of the beheadings of 2 American Journalists, I paused to remember that not all barbaric acts are foreign ones.

Some are perpetrated right here at home in the USA.

I opened an email this morning from my cousin, David Goodman.

David is the brother of Andrew Goodman one of the Civil Rights workers murdered in Mississippi in the summer of 1964-his body buried under an 18 foot earthen dam along with James Chaney and Michael Schwerner.

David did a recent interview retelling some of the Mississippi urder story and how our family reacted to these killings at the time.

If you watch  carefully you will even see a picture f me come on the screen when I was around 12 years old- if you can spot it.

This interview is well worth a listen.


It is our history right here at home which has not always been a pretty one.


New Barbarians are now knocking on the door and, as we go off to fight another war in a foreign land, we must remember that barbarian acts can take place right here at home if we are not forever viligent.



Jane Mark
Sokule Inc


PS: For those of you who have not read my Sunday ermon on 9/11 called - 9.11- I Was There"

You will find that right here as we remember last week that terrible day that was.


David Goodman, Andrew Goodman, James Chaney, Michael Schewner, Jane Mark-Mississippi Burining, slain civil right workers-9-11


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