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The ICANetwork Business Opportunity Is Referred To As 'The People's Program'

ICANetwork has been dubbed “The People’s Program”
and for very good reasons.

ICANetwork offers  5 different products/services 
that you could earn an income from.
1) Custom Phone App.
2) Build Phone App For Customer Easy to do, we’ll show you how!
3) Go Mobile Conversion (mobile friendly)
4) Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO), 1st Google®
5) Social Media Package

The Commission Stucture For ICANetwork
Can Be Described As “LOW BROKERAGE”.
It is best to explain that term with an example.
A business opportunity offers a luxury cruise or some
expensive car once you hit the 6 or 7th level of that
commission structure. This is known as “High Brokerage”
as the average person will never qualify for the car or
trip as they will never reach that level. In fact,
this business opportunity is ‘laughing’, as they only
ever pays out a very small amount of the total amount o
f commissions that could be paid out. On the other hand
the ICANetwork commission structure only goes to 3 levels deep.
(The average person never goes beyond the third)
 With this setup, all of the commissions are very attainable
by the ICANetwork Salesreps, therefore this commission structure
is classified as “Low Brokerage”.

In fact on the first month with the SEO product, once all
the commissions are paid out and the techs doing the work
get paid –there is no money left over. ICANetwork does make
any money on first month sale of the SEO product. That comes
only after 2nd mth.

Marketing Material
The ICANetwork, unlike any other marketing company do not
mark up their advertising material to their sales force. 
I know this because I have bought promo DVD’s from companies
to help sell their product and I paid almost ten dollars.
(That company made money from that sale) The ICANetwork
does not work that way, they are different. The cost of their
promo DVD is less than one dollar because that is the cost
for ICAnetwork to create it. ICANetwork does everything
possible to help to make you successful.


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