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Win 1 Million...Good Luck...Enter Today
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Win 1 Million...Good Luck...Enter Today

By the end of the week you could be
a millionaire.

We are holding a contest around our
new launch that is coming at you
this Friday, October 3rd.

The site begins with the word Kule
and ends with...

Ooops! I am not allowed to tell you
what is called. I am sowrn to secrecy
but... it starts with Kule

If you can fill in the last part of
the name of our new site, you will
be the lucky winner of 1 million sokens
at Sokule (Value 1270.00)

Take a guess...

See how to enter the contest below

Make sure you are on the launch list
so you are the first to know


By The End of the Week You Could be
a Millionaire.

Good Luck. Enter Today

Go get um

Jane Mark
sokule Inc

PS: To enter the contest, send your
full name and your sokule username to


The first right answer into my email
will be the winner.

The winner will be announced on the day
we launch and the 1 million sokens entered
into their account that day

Good Luck!

PPS: If you are not yet a member of
sokule, join us right here




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