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Hi Guys,

I have over 45 years experience in Business, Franchising, and Network Marketing. That is also with a total period of 35 years in a full time job and and period of 3 months unemployed.

I was a successful Franchisor over a 10 year period and over that 45 years I did Network Marketing, on a part time basis, with several different Companies, with a mixture of successes and failures, but all of them eventually turned into failures. 

In 1998 I joined a wellness industry mlm and within 3 years, doing it part time, I had an organization of over 500 people, but, bcause I was doing it part time, I got burnt out, and because of the attrition and and lack of duplication, I finished up with about 65 distributors and only a few doing anything, so I walked.

In 2004 a communication industry MLM started in Australia. Having the knowledge that they were coming I prebuilt a team of approximately 100 distributors prior to them coming. When they launched everything was going well, but, they were taken to Court, and during the time between then and when the Court decision came down, which they did win, I had lost my complete downline.

In 2009 I joined another wellness industry MLM and within a few months became the first Diamond Distributor for that firm. During that time also there was a lot of attrition and not a lot of duplication. During that time I had some major health issues and had to give it away.

Despite the experiences I have had I am still a great believer in the Network Marketing Model, as it does provide a lot of battlers, who are prepared to put in the work, with very low outlays, an opportunity to succeed. The problem being most are not prepared to put in the work required and therefore there is a lot of attrition and little duplication - just look at each Companies stats on its distributors earnings.

For the past 4 years I have been developing "The Perfect Franchise" but I have not had been able to find a suitable Netwrok Marketing Company that would fulfill my requirements to run with it. They were all the same and had major attrition and duplication problems. Well about a month ago I found it:



Headed up by an 8 figure earner, who is a SEO and Marketing expert, together, with a team of various SEO experts and top marketers. have devised a, World First Automated Marketing Machine, that will be powered by some very powerful SEO strategies, coupled with, the input of an army of people, doing chores for the team and being rewarded with customers and business associates. We have our own video channel and we will in the near future have a clone of face book.

The automated system is being rolled out over the next few weeks, and despite that, they started on August 2nd from a meeting of just on 35 people to an army  of 7,800 people 4 months later. 

They have combined the Network Marketing Model with the Affiliate Marketing Model that will provide a lot less attrition and definitely a lot of duplication. It is the marrying of both systems that create this excellent system.

This model is:

1. Infinitely Scalable

2. something anyone can do

3. providing unlimmited income, and

4. the network effect is still being achieved.

You do not need skills or ability to join Team Wukar. You are going to be taught by the some of the most experienced in the World. What you do need is a strong desire and a work ethic.

All the heavy lifting is done for us through the system that consists of:

1. Rotators.

2. The Various Funnels.

3. Tracking and Split Testing.

4. Follow up Marketing and

5. Leads.

All we need to do is to provided leads for either or both, the rotators, or our own funnels. We profvide a lot of that traffic by the simple chores we do as a team for the funnels.

Team WUKAR has teamed up with an 11 year old, publicly trading, Company, that provides a unique product. They are global.

As you go through one of our funnels at the following site, to do your due diligence, you will find a simple business. that anyone can do and achieve, but like any business it does require work, that we are all capable of doing. You will  see where this business will help- the following:

1. The Customer - who would not want to save money and receive cash. No physical product to sell to them.

2. The Business Associate - see the most powerful of Compensation Plans designed to get you in profit in the first month.

3. Business (Local, National and International). Franchised and Network Marketing Businesses, and most importantly

e. Non profit Organizations, will all benefit from the program.

It is a WIN WIN for everyone. CLICK on the following link to do your due diligence:


I believe it is a NO BRAINER - There is enough information in the funnel to make a decsion and I will see you on the other side to either answer further questions or welcome you into a business that will enable to you own your own life.

Looking forward to working with you in the future,

Have a grea day,


Ray Blee

Franchise Director

613 93231120




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