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Sokule- Now Posts on 18 Social Media Networks

Sokule- Now Posts on 18 Social Media Networks

SoKule-1 Post at Sokule and your post appears'
on 18 Social Media Networks including Twitter
1 Click and you're done.

New Social Networking Site pays its members to
get Trackers and posts on Twitter and 18
other Social Networking sites instantly.

SOKULE works like Twitter, but with more
advanced features and affiliate commissions.

Businesses on and offline are getting noticed,
in a new way, at Sokule using online tools
that enhance their business presence.

New York -- During the past year when tweeting
on Twitter has become all the rage, programmers
have been hard at work developing ways to take
social networking to the next level.

The result is SOKULE, a new social networking
site offering all the features of Twitter plus
 many important innovations.  Most notably,
SOKULE gives users a way to earn commissions
by leading followers to upgrade their memberships.

"SOKULE is Twitter monetized.  We've taken the
best features of Twitter, added a long list of
improvements, and we're paying commissions to
members" said Phil Basten, co-founder of Sokule, Inc.

SOKULE also lets members syndicate their posts to
Twitter, with a click of the mouse, and soon
they’ll be adding another 40 social networking
sites members can post to. 

Paid members can also "squeek" messages up to
 500 characters in length, a dramatic increase
 over Twitter's limited 140 characters.

"Fat commissions plus the ability to develop
a huge, targeted audience are two of the
driving reasons we're seeing so many businesses
embrace SOKULE. 

It's a powerful promotion machine with built-in profits,
and that should appeal to any business" Phil Basten said.

When a member's followers -- or "trackers" in SOKULE-speak --
 upgrade to one of the several levels of paid membership,
the member receives commissions ranging from 30% to 50%.

Other improvements include the ability to edit posts,
include photos, videos, and live links on the member's
 profile page, and re-squeek posts with a single click. 

Up to 25 posts can be scheduled in advance to appear on
future selected dates.

"We are particularly proud of the many ways SOKULE
let's members heighten their visibility. 
Your business will never languish in obscurity
when you've got a SOKULE account," Phil Basten said.

SOKULE's basic account is free.  Paid memberships
come at several levels including 1 year Silver membership,
a Gold membership and a strictly limited Founder membership.

Founder members get instant free access to all newly
developed features for as long as they remain a member
 of SOKULE. Founder Members also receive the largest
50% commissions on all upgrade sales.

"This is the perfect membership for a business or
individual who is really serious about using social
 networking to dominate their industry," Phil Basten said.

Get more details at http://SOKULE.com

Contact: Phil Basten or Jane Mark

Sokule, Inc
736 Broadway 4th floor,
New York, NY 10003

Tel: 212-475-6001
Fax 212-228-3819





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