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Banner and Coop News.


Good banner and coop programs are hard

to find, so I was delighted when I came

across 2 of them, run by the same top



Banner Farmer.



Send me:


A.  Username of BF sponsor.


B.  Your BF username.


Tell me where you saw this ad.


Free Member Benefits:


1.  Post 1 Banner daily.


2.  Your banner will remain active for 7 days.


3.  Earn $1. for each pro member you refer.


4.  Minimum Payout:  $20.


Pro Member benefits:


A.  Post up to 5 different banners daily.


B.  Your banners will remain active for 30 days.


C.  Monthly subscription cost:  $4.99.


D.  Earn $2. for each Pro member you refer.


I have created a Banner Farmer Coop for

both Free and Upgraded members.


Free Members will get 3 signups from my Coop.


Pro Members will get unlimited signups.


To get into my BF Coop, join Trend Mails

or be a member.



Send me:


1.  Your Banner Farmer referral link.


2.  Your Trend Mails referral link.


Once verified, you will be added to the Coop.


Next program is Traffic Booster Coop.



You can earn 100% matching $Ad Cash

if any of your downline makes a purchase.


The OTO is $7.99 for 50,000 ad credits.


It is $29.99 in the members area for the

same thing.


Best deal in the house.


By the way, if any of you are interested in

being in my Downline Master Coop, as well

as in my DM Contest, check it out here.



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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