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This is not Your Grandmother's Solo Ad Mailer-
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How many sales are you making from the solo ad

mailers of the past.


I would venture to say that your open rates

are falling and so are your sales.


Enter The Solo Ad Mailers of The Future.

The Ones that get your emails noticed.


My partner, Phil Basten, just created a new mailing site.


I call it My Secret Sauce.


It is Actually called Front Page Mail.




You have never seen a mailer like this one-Not Ever


The Name Says it all.


There are 2 mailers at the site;


One is a Solo ad mailer

The Other is an Article Mailer


They both deliver your emails to members inboxes but...


There is a secret sauce that gets your messages

to the top of all of the search engines.


You have to see the site to begin to catch on


You can see this secret sauce right here




Warning: The Site is addictive. Once you join,

you will never want to leave it-Not Ever.


Go get um



Jane Mark

Front Page Mail

JAM Marketing Inc


PS: Special Founder Upgrade For Launch Week


Anyone joining at the Manager Level today will 

be upgraded to Founder with all the benefits

of Founder and with a HUGE Savings


You Save 500.00 and...

You get 500.00 Buying Tokens in your account.


This means you can buy 500 keywords right away

and pick up the best ones up for a buck before

they disappear.


You are looking 1000.00 bucks in the eye.


Take The Deal and get started using

the mailers and the traffic of the Future.


They are here now.





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