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Just sell 1 per day and make 17k every month

back from vacation 3 weeks ago and I'm going again next week.

I do NOT say this to brag.

I say this because I WANT THIS FOR YOU TOO :)

It's far more fulfilling for me knowing I helped put wealth into your life.

So here's what I mean about the more success you have the more success I have.

See my partners Joe, Jason and myself have created a program called IMM where you can partner with us for $10 bucks to resell IMM while also gaining access to thousands of dollars of our best online business trainings, our millionaire internet marketing checklists, our five figure sales copywriting templates, real world case studies, and way more ... to much to list here.

Which means in this case we're in this together the more you make RESELLING IMM the more we make so it's in our best interest to help you make more.

You have to see for yourself...


Now the real sexy part is you can partner with us and get 50% RECURRING RESIDUAL Monthly Payments for every sale you make.

Plus a 10% OVER RIDE for all the sales the resellers you bring on make :)

Now here's where it gets even BETTER.

This is not available to the public meaning you have to partner with us to be a reseller UNLIKE other programs or products that everyone can promote like on Clickbank, or JVZOO, or Warrior Plus.

This is an EXCLUSIVE CLOSED DOOR Reseller Partnership Program.

Which Means LESS COMPETITON for You and MORE in Your Pocket.

Here You Do The Math….

=> Sell 1 IMM Membership Per Day You’ll Make 17,702.50 Every Month.

=> Sell 2 IMM Memberships Per Day You’ll Make 35,405.00 Every Month.

=> Sell 3 IMM Memberships Per Day You’ll Make 53,107.50 Every Month

=> Sell 4 IMM Memberships Per Day You’ll Make 70,810.00 Every Month

=> Sell 5 IMM Memberships Per Day You’ll Make 88,512.50 Every Month

=> Sell 6 IMM Memberships Per Day You’ll Make 106,205.00 Every Month

=> Sell 7 IMM Memberships Per Day You’ll Make 123,917.50 Every Month

BTW IMM sells itself!

But wait there's more I'm giving instant access to 10 of my best selling products that each sell for 19.95 add that up and it equals 199.50

I'm also giving you access to an EXCLUSIVE BONUS that's going to teach you how we're selling IMM without spending money on ads and GETTING sales LIKE CRAZY and we're doing this without using my email list (in fact this is the first email I've ever sent out about this new partnership program see for yourself you're on my list) 

This 10 dollar deal is for a limited time because what I've found is that people that take fast action are the ones that have the best results.

So we're NOT leaving this open forever we're taking this down soon without any notice so don't miss out on your chance to partner with 3 self made internet tycoons.

Here's the backdoor link 

See you on the inside,

Anthony Aires

P.S. The only reason you'd ignore this email and not click the link and not take advantage of this is because you're already making a ton of residual recurring and if that's the case MASSIVE CONGRATS to you.

BUT if not then you sure as heck best click this link and throw down 10 bucks.

My name is Anthony Aitres, a dedicated online marketing helper.

->   http://bit.ly/InternetMarketingMentorship

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