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Passive Income Programs worth a look see.


We have all been burned by passive income

programs but that should not stop you from

trying to find some that actually work.


Admins are responsible and answer support



When you put in for withdrawal, you actually

get paid rather than have it remain in pending

until the site shuts down.


From time to time, I will update this list and

add programs that are worth their salt, as

well as remove programs that don’t live up

to their promise.


Here are several passive income programs

that are worth a look:


1.  All Ads Work.



A. Has over 30,000 members.


B. Ad packs start at $10. and expire

at 120% of cost.


C. You have to view 10 ads daily to earn

rev share.  Get paid every 60 minutes.


D.  If you decide to recruit, you can

earn 5 levels deep.


E. Free Members can refer others and

earn 8% on their purchases.


2.  Lucky Refs.



A.  You start off with a $5. package.


Receive 5000 banner and text ad credits.


B.  Earn 5 levels deep from your

referrals and their referrals too.


C.  Commissions are paid on all incoming

upgrades, even if you have no referrals.


D.  Earn $10. on every $5. purchase, then

withdraw $10., reinvest $5. and repeat all

over again.


3.  Capital Back.



A.  Earn 3% daily.


B.  Minimum deposit is $10.


One other program that is not passive

income but is pretty neat.


4.  Get 7 Up.



A.  Each position costs $7. to upgrade.


B.  You pass up your first sale, then

your downlines have to pass up their

first sale to you.


C.  They pay every Sunday if you

have $10. in your account and request



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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