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Secret to the Magic at Refer 2 Friends. No Recruiting Needed.


The secret to the magic at R2F is to get into the

main matrix, starting with the 3x1, so you can

get people placed under you on auto-pilot.


Once you are in the main matrix, you will cycle

the various matrices when your turn comes.  


Prior to this latest addition, the only way to get

into the main matrix was to cycle out of the feeder

by referring 2 or piffing 2 or paying for 2 in the

rotator or any combination of those.



Now, you don't have to recruit to get into the

main matrix.  This is mind blowing.


There is a new link on the site called Weekly



You can make a feeder purchase for Monday

and Friday.  The times are listed as to what

constitutes a Monday purchase and a Friday



If you make a Monday and Friday purchase,

admin will pif you into the 3x1 with NO referrals



You still get to keep your feeder position, so

you will be able to cycle into the 3x1 board

if you refer 2 upgraded members.


This will speed up cycling many fold once people

see how it works and start buying positions for

Monday and Friday.


I have already made a Monday purchase and

between Friday – Sunday, will make a Friday



Here is what I suggest:


1.  Join Refer 2 Friends or be a member.



2.  Upgrade to pro by paying $4. one time,

so you get access to all the pro features.


Alternative, you can click on the Weekly

Purchase link, follow the instructions and

make a Monday or Friday purchase (times

are listed for each day’s purchase).


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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